HEF Group


The HEF Group is a world leader in the science of tribology (friction and wear) for over 50 years, which has given him the opportunity to offer its customers services ranging from research, exploitation of process or supply of components, to industrial development and technology transfer. To offer the best solutions to its customers, the HEF Group relies on the strength and complementarity of its commercial network HEF Durferrit and its network of service companies Techniques Surfaces , present in more than twenty countries.

Key areas of HEF Group are:

  • The  tribology  and  functionality surfaces
  • The  thermochemical treatments , particularly Controlled Nitriding Ionic Liquid ( CLIN®) treatments.
  • The  deposits vacuum  PVD / PACVD, such as  DLC  (Diamond Like Carbon) and other metal and tribological layers.
  • The  bushings  and  friction components.

The wide variety of processes allows the HEF Group intervene surfaces functionality, opening the way to new prospects. Thus the HEF Group continues to grow, as evidenced by its many associations and research contracts, thus constituting surface engineering as the main target area and recognized excellence of HEF Group.