Thanks to its expertise in surface treatments and surface engineering, HEF Durferrit has developed for 20 years a complete range of bearings that allow you to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

The originality of bearings developed and produced by the HEF group resides mainly in the use of surface treatments and geometries specific individual surface as squares or cavities. Steel bearings and bushings HEF DUREFERRIT are recognized by their ability to operate under high pressures and (abrasion, impact, corrosion) extreme environments. Steel bushings are often used in public equipment, agricultural works, steel, for cement, for glass, among others.

Bushings compounds were recently added to the HEF range of bearings to meet the new concerns of many designers and users of industrial equipment:

  • reduced maintenance (elimination of lubrication operations);
  • environment (deletion of the lost fat);
  • cost (elimination of lubrication systems, increased steel prices, etc.)

These compounds bushings allow operation without lubrication conditions high (pressure / speed), so they were quickly adopted in various applications such as maintenance, agricultural equipment and hydraulic turbines, thanks to its tribological characteristics of high performance in terms of coefficient friction and durability.

All technologies applied (topography, treatment materials, etc.) can be adapted and applied to slides, washers, bearings, among others.

To provide greater service, HEF Durferrit can also, for their expertise in machining and treatments, propose shafts, bushings and rollers, providing a global solution and better joint.

Apart from mechanical friction components and bearings, HEF DUREFERRIT be performed entirely all mechanical parts using technology group treatments. Thus simplifying the logistics flow and intermediaries, HEF Durferrit is positioned as its only interlocutor for complex parts requiring sometimes the implementation of various operations and / or various treatments.